MONADELPHOUS KT - Ichthys Onshore LNG Pipelines, Darwin

Ausurv worked on this project with contractors Monadelphous KT (MKT) from December 2013 to April 2016 starting with a single working crew that scaled to be 3 crews running on alternating two week rosters.

Two pipelines were constructed over a range of environments from light bush to mud flats to difficult dense mangroves:

  • The “Fuel Gas Pipeline” or “FGP” - 12” dia (9.5mm wall) with a total length of 3.8km. It was tapped into the existing APA Gas Line at Wickham Point Road, Blayden Point and;
  • The GEP-1 or “Gas Export Pipeline - 1” - 42” dia (30.9mm wall) with a total length of 7.8km. The line began at the Offshore Phase which emerges from the ocean (900km from the well site) and is the line which all the raw product is exported to the plant for processing.

Scope of works carried out is listed below:

  • Initial detail survey and flagging clearing lines for the C.R.O.W. (Construction Right Of Way).
  • Vertical Alignment Design – in direct collaboration with MKT Engineers, Ausurv helped design and draft IFC plans which were then used to cold bend sections to the correct sag and ob angles.
  • Set out of Pipeline CL. This was done at 50m intervals and IP’s, and then at 25m intervals when trenching. All sags and over bends were also set out for trenching and pipeline install.   
  • Utilising Machine Control – Trimble System, as well as an in house Trimble based guidance system used by Keller Ground Engineering.
  • Environmental Deformation Monitoring – Through the sections of mangrove mud deep soil cement mixing needed and was monitored precisely for stability.
  • Facilities Set Out & As-Constructed Surveys – All undertaken using Trimble S8 Robotic Total Stations and Trimble DiNi Levels as this required precise survey, often working to ±2mm tolerances.
  • Trench and Bedding Material As-Constructed Surveys - Undertaken with a combination of GNSS and Robotic Total Station
  • Heavy Lifts – There were five 100 Tonne Valves which were installed along the GEP and these required a Heavy Lift Plan with assistance from our surveying crews.
  • Pipe and Weld As-Constructed Surveys – Undertaken with a combination of GNSS and Robotic Total Station.
  • Environmental Surveys – Clearing As-Constructed Surveys to determine overall clearing areas, set out and as-constructed surveys of water testing bores, erosion and sediment control ponds, drop structures and sediment trap set out.
  • Drafting Services – Ausurv drafted all plans for MKT on site including as-constructed surveys, profile views inc long sections, locality plans, emergency evacuation plans, and lift studies as well as a variety of other reports and services.