J TREMBATH - 24 Lot Residential (Semi-Rural) Subdivsion - Lake Clifton WA

24 Lot & Road Residential (Semi-rural) Land Subdivision in Lake Clifton (Shire of Waroona)

Ausurv were engaged by the landowner to develop this project as the consulting surveyors. The following steps are completed for this project so far:

Step 1 - WAPC Application (Feature survey & plan accompanied with application & bushfire management plan) with review and meeting of draft clearances and design changes.

Step 2 - Surround survey, pre-calculation plan, road and firebreak set-out and boundary service set-out.

Step 3 - Final control and pegging of stage 1 under SSA (Special-Survey Area) area guidelines. Deposited Plan creation and plan checking.

Step 4 - Revised WAPC approval - town planning meetings and awaiting approvals to proceed (Dec 2016).