Since it's early beginnings, Ausurv  is very proud of being a significant indigenous employer and trainer.  Ausurv’s practices are considerate and transparent of local/indigenous businesses and persons.  Ausurv supports an employment system that enables all Australians to be competitive in the employment market, providing people with a sound general education, marketable skills, and developing education and training systems which keep pace with the skill needs of the business.  Ausurv has a signed MOU with the Larrakia Development Corporation to develop and facilitate employment and training of indigenous Australians.  Along with the MOU, we utilize the services of Ironbark Employment Agency to assist in providing indigenous employment opportunities.  A third party cultural awareness course is part of our internal induction process. 

The managing director has long seen the benefit for employing local indigenous people for a variety of projects. Their dedication to the job and unique connection to the land has been integral in some remote and cultural sensitive project areas.

If you would like to particpate in Ausurv's Indigenous Program, please contact us for more information.