Ausurv Surveyors understands the importance of developing land parcels/unit developments on time and on budget to keep the application and building process flowing smoothly. 

Our team of licensed surveyors who collectively have over 120 years of industry experience are on hand to guide you through the process and assist with any queries you might have. Ausurv can provide the resources and specialist knowledge to achieve your goal.

We service and specialise in rural and remote areas of Australia’s biggest area states (WA/QLD) and territory (NT).

To support the industry and future of cadastral surveyors our succession planning sees many of our graduate surveyors registered with the state and territory surveying licensing boards under professional training agreements.

Our Western Australian Land Development Brochure can be viewed HERE.

For Frequently Asked Questions about Land Development relating to Western Australia please click HERE.



Please contact us HERE to enquire about the following Land Developement services:

Urban & Rural Freehold Subdivisions/Amalgamations

We can handle your subdivision/amalgamation from the initial application to subdivide the land in question, right through to obtaining a new plan showing the newly created lots which are ready to apply for land titles.
We provide free advice on the costing and timing of such an application & explain the process to help you understand and successfully complete your development.


Residential, Commercial & Mixed-Use Strata or Unit Titles

A strata or unit title scheme is the division of a parcel of land or buildings into lots and common property, the allocation of unit entitlement and the rights and obligations of proprietors to use and maintain the lots and common property

Strata or Unit Title plans define the lots in a scheme (areas owned individually) and common property (areas owned jointly by all lot owners in the strata scheme). Strata/Unit lots are limited in height and depth (the stratum of the lot). Strata/Unit Title plans show a building on at least one lot of the plan and stratum of the lots is always linked to buildings shown on the plan.

Western Australian Survey-Strata plans define the lots in a survey-strata scheme, which are the areas in the scheme owned individually. Common property areas owned jointly by all lot owners may, or may not exist in survey-strata schemes and are defined as "common property lots". Survey-strata lots may be limited in height and depth but generally are not.


Interest only Plans (Easements and Spatial Covenants)

We perform surveys and produce interest plans to protect and enable ‘right of way’ access to state or company owned major infrastructure. This includes high voltage energy supply, water pipelines, gravity & pressure main sewer/wastewater infrastructure.
We specialise in gas pipeline energy supply projects – please click HERE to be taken to our Engineering & Construction link for project examples.

Right of support and reciprocal rights of carriageway easements can also be created for urban developments.


Subdivision Planning & Management, Development Feasibility and Applications

Subdivision developments can be costly and unneccessary delays can occur without initial consultation from an experienced licensed surveyor/project manager.
From past projects, local knowledge and many decades or liaising with planning, servicing and land administrative authorities make us your first call for your subdivision development and DO IT RIGHT.


Land Re-zoning, Strata/Unit Title Scheme Statement/Amendments
Ausurv's licensed surveyors also undertake rezoning and development applications, represent owners at planning hearings, project manage subdivision works and prepare Scheme Statements (Body Corporate Rules).


Exclusive Use Strata Management Plans

Ausurv's licensed surveyors can produce plans for strata managers to allow specific use for common areas within strata developments.
Examples might be for exclusive use over water boat moorings, carparks and store-rooms in strata complexes.


Town & remote Aboriginal Community Subdivisions and Station Boundary Surveys

Ausurv specialise in remote surveys with highly experienced surveyors and customised equipment (remote camper trailers, ATVs etc) for the rugged and difficult to get to areas.
Our Northern Territory cadastral surveyors can boast that throughout the NT there is basically not one town or community that has not been missed or unsurveyed along the way (including all areas in between).


Broad Hectare/Acre Developments (Large Scale/Greenfields Subdivision)

A list of services we provide for large subdivisions:

Project Management
Planning Approvals
Pre-calculated (Pre-cal) Plans
Environmental Surveys and Bushfire Plan guidance
Hydrographic & Drainage Simulation Surveys
Geodetic Control / Surround Surveys
Bulk Earthworks
Construction and Service Set-out (Roads, Walls, U/G services, Power)
As-constructed Surveys, Plans & GIS A-Spec lodgement
Final Control and Pegging
Deposited Plan and Lodgement
Subdivisions Clearances and Land Titles