Our Capabilities

Ausurv is at the forefront in spatial technology and are constantly adapting and innovating with trends and technology to provide cost effective solutions for any project, large or small.
Our experience over a number of years has lead to the establishment of a set of dynamic survey and design procedures that are proven and robust, which is evident with the successful completion of numerous large and complex projects.


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Building & Building Envelope Set-out Commercial & Construction Services
Feature / Contour Surveys Land Subdivision and Strata Surveys
Licensed Surveyors Property Council (BOMA) Net-Lettable Surveys
Re-establishment (Re-peg) & Ident Surveys Site / Detail / Topographical Surveys


Urban & Rural Freehold Subdivisions/Amalgamations Broad Hectare/Acre Developments (Greenfields Subdivision)
Residential, Commercial & Mixed-Use Strata or Unit Titles Development/Subdivision Feasibility and Applications
Interest only Plans (Easements and Spatial Covenants) Residential Survey-Strata Subdivision (WA)
Subdivision Planning & Management Geodetic Surveys and Construction Control
Land Re-zoning, Strata/Unit Title Scheme Amendments Mining Tenement & Station Boundary Surveys
Town & remote Aboriginal Community Subdivisions Development Feasibility and Applications


Project Auditing & Conformance Surveys Bridge Construction
Surface and Volume Surveys Environmental Monitoring Surveys
Machine Control (Setup and Management) Structural and Pipeline Set out
Road and Rail Construction Civil Earthworks
Dimensional Control Bolt and Formwork Set out
Civil Road & Rail Design Surveys Precise Deformation Surveys
Tunnel Construction Dilapidation Surveys


Piping and Mechanical Structural and Pipeline Set out
Dimensional Control Bolt and Formwork Set out
Precise Deformation Surveys Pipe Modelling
Wharf Construction Piling Set out and Dredging Surveys


Mining Tenements and Exploration Lease Set out All Aspects of Mine Surveying (Open Pit/Underground)
Exploration Borehole Set out and Location Fixed Plant Alignment and Monitoring
Mine Audit Surveys GIS and Data Management
Survey Control Networks Mining Lease Application/Surveys
Machine Control (Setup and Management) Geophysical Surveys (Ground)


On-Shore and Off-Shore Plants, Buildings, Structures, Installations  
Clash Detection - Exiting to Design  
Open Pit/Undeground Mining  
Building Construction, BIM Surveys, Final As-Built Surveys, Architectural Design  
Cultural and Heritage Surveys  
Wall and Dam Monitoring  
Road, Race Track and Viewing Platform Surveys  
Fly-Through Animations and Photorealistic 3D Videos  


Mining - Current Tenement/Pit Surveys, EOM Surveys, Stockpile Volumes, DOME Applications, Exploration and Access/Design Surveys, Drill Hole and Pad Location Surveys, De-Watering Programs  
Environmental - Vegetation Re-Growth Programs, Canopy Elevations, Rehabilitation Programs, Timeline Surveys, Infra-red technology  
Oil & Gas - Exiting Plant and Infrastructure Surveys, Pipeline Surveys (Proposed and Exisitng), Project Progression, Landfill and Reclamation Surveys  
Geophysical - 3D Orthomosaic Surveys for Terrain Corrections, Geological Mapping, Drill Hole Placement and Lease Access  
Government - Current High Resolution Aerial Imagery, Development Concepts, Waterway Management, Public Proposal Imagery   
Private - Private Property Aerial Photos, Development and Design, Rural Access  


Detect metallic and non-metallic underground pipes  
Indicate sub-surface voids, disturbed ground and trenches  
Determine concrete slab and asphalt thickness   
Detect RSJ's and meshing in concrete   
Locate extents of tree roots of mature trees